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Thrive – HWCP
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What is Thrive Bristol?

What is Thrive Bristol?:  It is a 10-year programme that has been launched.

  • It aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of everyone in Bristol, with a focus on those with the greatest needs
  • It covers all ages and considers mental health in its broadest sense, from initiatives to improve the whole population’s wellbeing to interventions for people experiencing mental illness
  • It focuses on how a city can keep you well, not just the NHS
  • Thrive is working from the communities perspective so has become Hartcliffe and Withywood Thrive.

Aim of Hartcliffe and Withywood Thrive:

  • What is going on in Hartcliffe and Withywood- We have provided an opportunity for Dundry View Health and Wellbeing Sub-Group and Thrive Drop-in sessions to meet regularly.
  • To get stake holders together to try to understand what contributes to poor mental health for example Housing, unemployment, poverty etc.
  • We aim to work with people who live and work in the area from a range of perspectives to identifying the small steps or levers for change to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Hartcliffe and Withywood Thrive work so far:  50 people attend the network meeting on October 2017 including residents of Hartcliffe and Withywood and people from different organisations and professions. We have provided training to 9 local people and professionals in Mental First Aide. We identified a range of issues, such as knowledge and how we get the information out there, what we can do to improve our mental wellbeing, the barriers, building community capacity, groups understanding of wellbeing and young people. Understanding what services are available. We have since worked in partnership or engaged with many different organisations who continue to be involved with Thrive, these include:

Changes Bristol www.changesbristol.org.uk

South Bristol Advice Centre www.southbristoladvice.org.uk

HWCP www.hwcp.org.uk

CASS www.cassbristol.org

ACE www.bristolmentalhealth.org

Care Forum www.thecareforum.org

Carers Support Centre www.carerssupportcentre.org.uk

Avon Wildlife Trust www.avonwildlifetrust.org.uk

Hheag/Positive Minds/Hive www.hheag.org.uk

Hartcliffe Chidren’s Centre www.hartcliffenursery.co.uk

Hareclive Academy www.harecliveacademy.e-act.org.uk

What would you like to do?

Do you have any ideas of how Mental Health and wellbeing can be promoted in your community? Do you have any skills you can share? Whether you are a resident of Hartcliffe or Withywood or a local organisation, please get in touch by email: lynn.parfitt@bristol.gov.uk or you can get involved and stay up to date by coming to one of our Thrive Drop-in sessions. There will also be regular Thrive updates and event news through HWCP (sign up form on the bottom right of this page)