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Tenant Office Move – HWCP
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Tenant Office Move

NEWS Independent Careers Service Ltd, is a small, Bristol based provider of tailored careers information, advice and guidance services.

News was born in 2012, the brain child of David Portingale and Donna Smith. Following redundancy due to funding cuts at Connexions they realised they could continue to do what they love, working with young people, by setting up their own company.

The aim of the organisation has been to continue to support schools, colleges and training providers as well as giving the young people guidance to enable them to succeed in their chosen career path.
So, Needed Engagement Worker Services (NEWS) was born. Since then they joined forces with another ex-colleague, Steve Morris to establish NEWS as a Limited Company with a new name to reflect the core activity of the new Company: NEWS Independent Careers Service Ltd.

The Directors
Donna has 17 Years experience working with young people and has spent the last 6 years working in Bristol Schools, offering Impartial Information, Advice and Guidance to years 10 and 11 students. She has also worked with dis-engaged young people and their families to break down barriers to learning. Donna is qualified to level 4 in Learning, Development and Support. She is passionate about providing a high level of support to young people and the organisations that work them.

Dave has 20 years experience within the private sector and a further 14 years in the public sector, working with young people from 9 to 19 and specialising in employer liaison which has proven invaluable in finding Work Experience Placements as well as finding employment to young people aged 16 to 24 who are not in any Employment, Education and/or Training (NEET).

Steve worked at Careers Wales for 20 years (as an adviser, team manager, training manager and senior manager) and has run his own consultancy business. He has worked primarily in the South West and Bristol for the past 5 years. Steve is a graduate and holder of the Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance (Parts 1&2).
NEWS is now made up of a team of ten people bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. They work across the city supporting the schools that commission them to provide a high quality independent and impartial service.

Dave Portingale commented: “The business has really grown since we set up in June 2012, so it was time to move”.

“Donna and I started out working from the kitchen table. “Within six months we rented out a small ‘pod’ unit in the @symes community building but through word of mouth, our business has grown and we have since moved twice into bigger rooms”.

At NEWS we feel it is essential for the wellbeing of local communities and people (as well as the economy nationally), that all young people are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to realise their full potential. At the heart of this objective is our aim to provide young people with the ability to plan their careers effectively.

As a result of many years working with schools colleges and community groups in all areas of the South West, we are well placed to support institutions with their Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) provision. We encourage all careers coordinators who want to demonstrate the quality and value of their careers provision, to get in touch and find out more about NEWS for their institution.
For further information please call the office on 0117 353 33961 or call Dave on 07804 733803, Donna on 07804 733819 or visit NEWS