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Save Symes House, our library and our Neighbourhood Partnership – HWCP
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Save Symes House, our library and our Neighbourhood Partnership

We, the undersigned, are gravely concerned about the impact of the spending proposals on the residents of Hartcliffe & Withywood.

We ask that the council…

a) Stop the proposed closure of Symes House Citizen Service Point, or make alternative arrangements for those people with low incomes, and those without transport or internet, to access council services.

b) Recognise the unique value brought to the community by Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership and the need to ensure that the funding for a partnership in this area is preserved.

c) Ensure that cuts to library services are directed according to need, retaining full funding for the Hartcliffe library in the @Symes building.

Background Information

In keeping with the Corporate Strategy’s ambition to tackle inequality, we call upon Bristol City Council to ensure that the cuts to Neighbourhood Partnerships, Libraries, and Citizen Service Points are apportioned based on need. We believe even modest cuts to front-line services will have a substantially detrimental impact on the lives of poorer households, who are least able to cope and travel to reach alternatives.

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