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Crisis Intervention Project – HWCP
Contact us on +44 (0)117 903 8044
Crisis Intervention Project

The Crisis Intervention project was designed to support the most vulnerable individuals in our community. The community we serve has a population of 35,000, 22,500 of which live in the 10-30% of most multiply deprived Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) in England and Wales. 8 of the LSOAs fall in the lowest 10% and some of these into the lowest 1%.

We are passionate about the work we do and the community we serve trusts us to help them. The numbers of people coming to us will only increase as the benefits systems have changed and funding cuts diminish the services around us. In May 2016 the boundary changes in Bristol resulted in Hartcliffe and Withywood becoming an area of ‘super deprivation’.

We have been preparing for this:

  • Since the launch of our hot-desking area, in March 2015, we have had 534 people register to use the computers. Many people using our computers need support with basic use. They don’t necessarily want to go on IT courses, they want immediate help.
  • from April 2015 to November 2016, we managed 3406 face to face enquiries for information, support and guidance, and 1277 other enquiries including phone calls, tenants and external partners, not including emails.

From October 2015 to November 2016, the Crisis Intervention Project in partnership with one of our tenants Hawkspring has supported 641 people with complex problems. These problems have included homelessness and housing issues, benefits, employment and job searching, financial problems and health issues including mental health. There are also a wide range of other issues that affect them including drug and alcohol misuse, being victims of crime including race hate crime.

These vulnerable individuals cannot resolve their problems without support and that support takes more time and resources than usual enquiries. We refer a high percentage of people to specialist organisations and this can involve enabling people to make phone calls or we can speak to others on their behalf. To date there have been a wide range of age groups and an equal ratio of men to women.

We are grateful for all previous funding support which has been put to good use in the support of the community.

So far we have raised:

£21,300 in 2015 and £5,890 so far this financial year – We would be very grateful for any future funding, please contact reception@hwcp.org.uk or Tel: 0117 903 8044