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Bristol Dementia Partnership – HWCP
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Bristol Dementia Partnership

The Bristol Dementia Partnership moved into the @symes Community Building in April 2015.

The Dementia Wellbeing Service is a partnership between Alzheimer’s Society and Devon Partnership NHS Trust, bringing together a whole range of professionals which includes Nurses, Social Workers, Support Staff, Therapists and Medics.

Since 1 April 2015, it has been responsible for delivering dementia services in the city. The service is commissioned by Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group as part of the Bristol Mental Health services. It operates from 3 sites across the city, including here @Symes.

We work with various partners from across Bristol to create personalised wellbeing plans for our patients and support GPs and other health professionals and carers to support people with dementia. We aim to provide support, guidance and help when, and where people want it – and in a way that suits them. Each GP and person living with dementia will benefit from the support of a named Dementia Navigator and named Dementia Practitioner linked to each GP practice across the city.

We are also committed to driving forward Bristol’s ambition to become a dementia friendly city.

For more information please visit Bristol Dementia Partnership 


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