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About us – HWCP
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About us

@Symes Building

HWCP is an independent, community led organisation. We are here to make Hartcliffe, Withywood, (and surrounding areas) places that work for everybody. We help make sure the community can make decisions about local issues, and we initiate activities or projects and promote local partnership work. We believe in empowering local residents and building communities.

Our Values

  • Work to asset based principles, celebrating and promoting what is strong in the local community.
  • Equality, creating a welcoming environment.
  • Supporting individuals to develop their skills and confidence through access to advice, training, mentoring, visits and volunteering (directly and through local partners.

At HWCP we:

  • Run a community engagement programme that brings residents and partners together to take action and make decisions about local issues.
  • Deliver services that improve local lives and prospects: these include a local advice hub, and community transport services. We currently operate 8 vehicles and carry approximately 40,000 passenger journeys per year.
  • Run a thriving community building, a space for people to access services, learn, run a business or meet. The Centre is home to vital services (including drug/alcohol support and The Library) along with a weekly programme of drop in sessions and activities.
  • Celebrate the heritage, creativity and beautiful open spaces in our area, through a yearly events calendar and a local communications programme.

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