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How do I contact Bristol City Council? – HWCP
Contact us on +44 (0)117 903 8044
How do I contact Bristol City Council?
  • Many of Bristol City Council’s services are available online at bristol.gov.uk and you can register for a Bristol Account allowing you to access information about the services you use, for example viewing your rent balance or see how your housing benefit is worked out.
  • Please see contact details below: (Click links for online services, otherwise call number stated) –



  • Council Tax – pay your bill, tell Bristol City Council you’re moving, discounts and exemptions or call 0117 922 2900


  • Waste and Environmental Services – report missed collection, report street issues, order bins, recycling information, bulky waste collection or call 0117 922 2100


  • Council Housing – pay your rent, report repairs, make tenancy changes, order keys, report a problem in a communal area or call 0117 922 2200


  • Home Choice Bristol – apply for council or housing association properties information about priority and bands or call 0117 922 2400


  • Housing Advice – find out what help you can receive if you’re homeless, or think you might be in the future or call 0117 352 6800